Art and Culture

Greece was one of the first places civilization took hold in Europe and is therefore the birthplace of many things we’re familiar with, including the Olympic Games, Western philosophy, democracy, political science, and Western literature and drama. The historical and cultural heritage of Greece continues to resonate throughout the modern world - in literature, art, philosophy and politics.

Acropolis with the Parthenon

 ancient temple dedicated to Erechtea ,the very first King of Athens
Church of Holy Apostols
Old parliament
National Library

Academy of Athens 
The University of Athens
                      Archeological museum

Herodion Theatre
New Acropolis Museum ,one of the best in the world

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A few interior views

Athena the city Goddess 

Greece my homeland  … history, art and culture .
A short brief of the most important events through our Greek history, together with a small but very beautiful collection of Art items, monuments, temples, statues e.t.c, which, no doubt, proving the unique and supreme culture of the people lived in this motherland.

A 100 photos DVD with informative texts, Price 70 Euros 
( as samples ) 

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Smiling female face,  code AC-001,   L 48cm , plaster- gold painted
Euros 1800

(1940 ) Venus and Eros,  code AC-002
Bronze handmade disk D 36cm  Euros 2500

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The welcoming of the Lord   -  ΩΣΑΝΝΑ
Original Icon (1958) handpainted (Byzantine technique )
on wood 241 x 38 cm,     code AC-003,     Euros 2600

Original Icon (1956) handpainted  (Byzantine technique) 
on wood  30 x 46 cm,     code AC-004,     Euros 2200

       MARIA in the Temple
Original Icon (1952) handpainted (Byzantine technique ) 
on wood 41 x 58 cm,    code AC-005,     Euros 2800

Original Icon (1958) handpainted (Byzantine technique ) 
on wood 28 x 38 cm,     code AC-006,     Euros 2500

National Bank of Greece - Anniversary (1902)code Obj-007
Bronze slate into wooden frame 54 x 54 cm  -  Euros 2000

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Estia,   code AC-008,  Bronze Candlestick H 57cm
Euros 800

Millitary Officer's 1967 ceremony hand sword
 code  AC-009
Length 36cm,  Euros 1600